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Non sequitur Alert: Tonton Jim loves the word ridiculous; especially the way Albert (the alligator in Walt Kelly’s Pogo) pronounces it, “Leave us not be ree-diculous.”


Carl Barks, Scrooge McDuck, and the Ten Story Money Bin

By Tonton Jim

Carl Barks is one of my creative heroes. He is, after all, the creative cartoon artist/writer who imagined a millionaire Scottish duck swimming through a sea of silver coins.

Of course that’s what millionaires do with their money: They build a ten story hollow cube of a building and fill it with cold, hard cash – not much of the folding kind, mostly coins, a few million dollars’ worth. A delightfully silly way of keeping one’s hard earned savings, though totally understandable to a nine year old reader of Uncle Scrooge comic books.

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