This Writer’s diary – Children’s fiction set in the sixties

Children’s fiction set in the sixties (or: that’s so yesterday)

My Sunny Marley and the Six Little Actresses takes place in the pre-hippy sixties. (The sixties, IMHO, is a period of American history best described as ten years beginning with energetic optimism, followed by national trauma, and ending with insanity.) Ah, but we boomers entered the first years of the sixties glowing with upbeat and youthful joy. We were boarding a monorail to the brightest future ever – Who wouldn’t love to revisit those few and precious years? According to some naysayers, my target audience wouldn’t. Once upon a time isn’t so long ago but a mere half century in the past prompted my friends and relatives to ask: Would your intended young readers identify with or even be curious about that time period or, for that matter, any story tarnished with an older than yesterday setting? Continue reading

This Writer’s Diary: The Little People Issue

Little People Anachronism Defense

I’ll explain this posting’s title after I supply some background.

Sunny Marley and the Six Little Actresses is a situation series of which I’ve written one and a half books. It is, in some ways, my favorite series because it takes place in the pre-hippy sixties, it involves silver screen actresses (some not so well known), and it sustains a silly mood throughout the books. The little actresses are children, by the way, and not the subject of this posting. Continue reading