Chapter Four of Sunny Marley

Here is chapter four of Sunny Marley and the Six Little Actresses. It is mostly Sunny’s impression of the play that Mr. Bedor wrote, produced and directed (by the way Roy Al Bedor’s name alludes to the name of a famous Hollywood director, King Vidor: Though Roy’s personality wasn’t drawn from King’s – I just liked King Vidor’s name – and some of his movies).

A Martin and Lewis Moment

Anyway, in chapter four, toward the end, I have an adult character remark that the reconciliation between Roy and Whit is a “Martin and Lewis” moment. Of course, that’s Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and it’s my understanding that that famous moment of all-is-forgiven-we’re-buddies-again is apocryphal. I should go look it up again, but I like the legend and it fits the story though it’s very unlikely any little girl reading or hearing the chapter would understand what a “Martin and Lewis” moment is – probably not her mother or her grandmother either. Even so, I like it – it’s so show business.

Chapter Four of Sunny Marley and the Six Little Actresses

A One Act Play

My favorite editor gave Sunny Marley and the Six Little Actresses a read and among other things she told me that the chapter four scene where Sunny goes to see a play written by Roy and acted by the six little actresses was hard to follow. She suggested that that chapter be put in comic book form and placed in the middle of the book. It’s a good suggestion. As soon as I hire an illustrator I look forward to reading the comic book version.

It was a tricky chapter to write, made harder by the play being about a play the play’s characters are putting on. Just so this weak mind could keep track of what Sunny was witnessing, I first wrote the play. And so, instead of posting chapter four of Sunny Marley and the Six Little Actresses, I present to you the play it is based on. Feel free to have your local troupe put it on.

P.S. WordPress wasn’t able to format the play in the correct format for scripts. Seriously, if you’re interested, I’ll send you a copy of the play in the correct format.