Chapter Six published – “That’s Amore” Citation

The song that Dean Martin made famous, “That’s Amore” was composed by Harry Warren with lyrics by Jack Brooks. I’m not sure if I need to get permission to quote one line from the lyrics, but I’m hoping that this citation excuses me from any legal entanglements. I mean, it’s not like I’m singing it for money (an impossible event because no one in their right mind would ever think of paying to hear me sing). If you click on Harry Warren it will take you to the Wikipedia article where you will see just how prolific and awarded this songwriter was. Above all, he wrote one of my favorite crooner songs, “I Only Have Eyes for you” which I only know from the 1959 version by the Flamingos.

Dean Martin, by the way, is, IMHO, the best crooner ever.

Anyway, here is Chapter Six of Sunny Marley and the Six Little Actresses.


Chapter Five published – Apologies to Nikita Khrushchev

Here is the fifth chapter of Sunny Marley and the six little actresses. In it is a reference to something Ronald Reagan said in the eighties which probably doesn’t belong to a story set in the sixties. But I used Gorbachev as a name for a minor character. It could be said that I should have used Nikita Khrushchev’s name instead of Gorbachev’s, but being a child of the cold war and a veteran of hiding under the desk in case of a nuclear bomb attack, I still have a faint feeling of dislike for the man. After knowing him as the evil Russki who wanted to kill all us good Americans, it’s near impossible to eradicate this child nurtured fear of the man who wanted to bury us. Later on I might substitute another name for the groundskeeper. (Making the Simpson’s school janitor and groundskeeper a Scott was a stroke of brilliance worthy of an essay, but some other day.)

The bigger problem with the name Gorbachev is that it, along with Khrushchev, is hard for children to pronounce. The simplest Russian name I can think of – offhand and without resort to the internet – is Pavlov. Of course, I could just use Struva, the character’s middle name. Back in the sixties, for a short while I had a girlfriend whose name was – I think – Krya Struva. Hopefully, my remembrance of her last name isn’t so corrupted that Struva isn’t a Russian name at all, but some Bulgarian curse word.

Chapter Five of Sunny Marley