Mismatched Socks and Mr. Badger of The Wind in the Willows

The fashion fad is maybe better described as sock pairs in mixed patterns. My friends’ sixth grade grandson’s birthday approaches and so I asked what sort of present he would like and the answer is socks. Later today I’ll go off to the local surf shop to buy him a pair of the garish and mismatched socks that some skateboarders seemed to have turned into a must-have for the young ones. Even though the designs are, I suppose, unique, are the socks still sold in pairs? Maybe freed from the tyranny of matching pairs of socks, they are sold in odd combinations like 3-pacs, 5-pacs, and so on.

Anyway, it’s part of his childhood and I’ll honor the fads and fancies of his childhood while I treasure mine. I have a confession to make about my writing stories for children: my motivation isn’t so much a love for children, but it is more derived from a love of my own happy childhood. And it has just occurred to me to ask myself this question: Continue reading

Chapter Seven of Sunny Marley and the Six Little Actresses

Here’s the concluding chapter of my Sunny Marley story. And here are some concluding thoughts:

This storybook hasn’t been edited or proofread by anyone but me, so it’s probably a bit rough. (I cannot overstate the value of a good editor. It also helps to have at least one friend or relative who loves what one has written.)

I’m fond of the characters which might be a mistake (I once proofread a novel that my sister wrote and though I never told her, I thought that one of the novel’s weaknesses was that the author had grown too fond of her characters – perhaps it was that not enough negativity afflicted them, or maybe it was because fondness fosters a biased telling of the story (I’m working on another story which I thought might be good for a comic book series, and one of the pieces of advice that I read stated: The comic book author should put his characters through hell – never been there myself, so I’m not sure my descriptive powers are up to it.)) but the thing is that I started writing Sunny Marley just after my grandniece was born and you can easily guess that her name is Marlena.

I’m working on the second book in the series which is tentatively titled, “The Golden Egg of Television” which is a play on the expression…

This first book is copyrighted; not so much because I’m afeared of someone stealing my creations or even a joke or two, but because it’s easy and cheap to do, and because it makes me feel like a real writer.

Chapter Seven of Sunny Marley and the Six Little Actresses