Planless Incoherence, Cherubs, Marmitons, and Fairy Tale Logic

Planless Incoherence

There is an article to be found on the BBC Culture website, entitled in its IP address, “The LSD Cult that Terrified America” and in the article, “The LSD Cult that Transformed America”. As a Southern Californian teenager, way back in the sixties, I’d heard of the Brotherhood but thought at the time they were just another bunch of drug dealing beach hippies. Evidently, they have claim to a more important social influence than my youthful opinion allowed. Still, IMHO and in retrospect, the drug LSD caused immensely more harm than good – one must weigh numerous deaths and the many lives and minds destroyed against short lived spiritual or religious epiphanies. But I digress into a serious subject.

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Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs:  Book III, The Hidden City of Atalantis

Today I finally uploaded the Kindle appropriate text and cover files, supplied the necessary information, and clicked on the publish button. So hopefully long before the 72 hours Kindle gives themselves to stock the e-book in the Amazon store the reader will be able to buy it for the ridiculously low price of 99¢. Maybe, in a future post I’ll describe my plans to promote the book into best-sellerdom. For now I’ll content myself with copying book III’s synopsis of the first two books and book III’s intro. Continue reading