Zootopia II, Hound’s Glenn III, and the Nature of Sequels.

I read somewhere the Walt Disney Company is making a sequel to Zootopia. The writer mentioned something about the two main characters Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde becoming romantically entangled.

And that will lead to what? Marriage? A little cottage surrounded by a white picket fence so their offspring can play safely? Offspring is the key word here.

Suppose cartoon Judy and Nick did produce a cartoon litter. Where, in a zoo, would such creatures be found? Next to the jackalopes and the chimeras?

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Was Walt Disney a Secret Zoroastrian?

Hear me out. I refer you to a BBC online article “The Obscure Religion that Shaped the West” written by Joobin Bekhrad. In that article he quotes the sister of rock star Freddy Mercury, Karishma Cooke, as saying faith in the religion encourages one, “…to work hard, to persevere, and to follow your dreams.”

That’s exactly the message of every Walt Disney film, especially the animated ones featuring a girl character (sometimes a bunny) overcoming the forces of stay-in-your-place, and give-it-up-girly-you’re-never-going-to-make-it. Furthermore, Walt Disney, himself, worked hard, persevered, and followed his dream. Where could he possibly have learned to do that?

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No Reviews; No Promotion; No Readers; No Reviews… ad infinitum

Book Bub, Fussy Librarian, Heading 1 SEO Click bait

It seems to work this way for an e-book author who wants readers (it would be nice if they also bought a book, but the author would gladly lend anyone a Kindle copy): First the e-book has to be read by people willing to write a review for the Amazon book store. Some of the book promoting websites like BookBub demand a book have a dozen or so reader reviews. Most of the e-books done by indie authors have these. However, Amazon rules forbid authors from paying individuals to review their book. I suspect quite a few of these indie authors paid, badgered, traded favors for five star reviews, and I also suspect that Amazon turns a blind eye to these many acts of scofflawlessness (the author just made that word up) because how would they even begin to police it? Continue reading