Yosemite and Disneyland Novels


The Merced River was full of itself.

The other day while book browsing at the Amazon Kindle bookstore, I came across a novel written with Disneyland as a setting and as a theme. It was free to me, a valued Prime customer, so I downloaded it and read a few pages – maybe the storyline is better than the prose, and maybe a good editor could’ve improved the writing. The more interesting thing about the book is that it hadn’t any sign of being approved by the Disney Company. In fact, it had a disclaimer stating the author/publisher and his novel had no connection to the company whatsoever. But the novel’s cover did have a photo of the famous (to us Disneyland fans) statue of Walt holding hands with his creation, Mickey Mouse. If the author took the photo, I suppose it was legal for him to use it for his cover, but I don’t know and sort of don’t care. My conscious mind meanders elsewhere, hopefully to greener pastures. Continue reading

Odds and Ends and Thinking Out Loud

Back in the fall of 2016 I ran two ad campaigns on Amazon for the first two MGSAC books. Each of the campaigns had over a half million impressions. (Impressions are small ads for my book on an Amazon web page.) Out of those impressions one book’s ad fished in about 1500 clicks and the other, 500. Out of those clicks that took interested prospects to my Amazon MGSAC book pages, a handful of people bought my book. Wound up spending about $600 to earn $16.24 and one reader’s review. Continue reading

Gadzookery, sort of

The photo is of Al who is on duty guarding the vacuum cleaner. Al is a Chinese Alpaca by way of the Amazon. He startled my once-a-week housekeeper, Cindy. Most people are startled by the fact of a man living in a one bedroom apartment having a housekeeper. “Gadzooks!” wasn’t the cry that Cindy uttered when first spying Al, and gadzookery isn’t an affliction that this writer suffers from (not precisely, at any rate). Mine are two different writer’s diseases. Continue reading