Disneyland Novel, part III

Not a Jabberwock but a Phorusrhacid which makes a guest appearance as a plot device in book 2 of an excellent series written by J. M. Miles

It’s been interesting to read biographies of the three authors in my story. In the next couple of weeks I’ll start reading a book length bio of J. M. Barrie. I just finished a very good bio of Lewis Carroll, The Mystery of Lewis Carroll by Jenny Woolf which completely destroys all those who sought to make a name for themselves by calling him a pervert. He definitely was not. In my story (it won’t be novel length) Carroll takes my hero on a tour of Tulgey Wood where the Jabberwock is trained to hunt and harass a certain group of writers. Here is the unedited rough draft:

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Writing a Disneyland Story, Part 2

I took this photo, so I guess its okay for me to use. It’s not like I’m making any money off it or my website for that matter.

In the last posting on this subject, I’d mentioned that I’d written one story about Disneyland (when I was eight or nine) but I’ve remembered a story sort of about Disneyland written in my teenage hippy days. The less revealed about those days the better. Just a correction of fact – the meat of this post follows.

The writing of a story placed in a Disneyland setting really took hold of me. Without giving away too much of an unfinished work, it involves three authors (Kenneth Grahame, J. M. Barrie, and Lewis Carroll) and one auteur, Walt Disney. Continue reading