Book Review of Little Man of Disneyland.

Little Man of Disneyland

is a short book so hopefully this will be a short post. The setting is Anaheim, 1954 or possibly 1955.

The minor characters are Donald Duck, an anthropomorphic duck, Mickey Mouse, an anthropomorphic mouse, Goofy, an anthropomorphic dog, and Pluto, a dog. The main protagonist is Patrick Begorrah, an immigrant leprechaun. Continue reading

The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Souls in Purgatory

The two dark rides are equally great in my opinion; their movie spinoffs are not. Analyzing why the movies were not equally successful would be an interesting exercise, one that probably involves far more knowledge of the film industry than I have. So, before I move on to this post’s subject – depictions of the afterlife – allow me to point out a mildly interesting statistic. Continue reading