Update to the “About This Website” Page

Dancing on top of the world while the less fortunate do the heavy lifting.

A little while back I changed the header image from the WordPress stock image of an uphill street and a streetcar to the present one. I’d picked the stock photo of a street in Lisbon because of my lack of a photo of the uphill Bush Street in San Francisco. The present header image depicts a Mycenaean vessel head on to a Minoan vessel and is apropos to my Little Gods, Small as Cherubs series.

This post’s first photo is apropos of nothing I’m writing about. I’ve come to Continue reading

Cherubs from the Shores of the Aegean Sea

During the overseas cruise, most of my photography was not of cats and volcanoes. It was statues and paintings of cherubs that attracted my camera the most. And except for Athens, the artists and craftsmen of the region depicted cherubs quite often. In some instances, I wasn’t sure what the baby-faced Continue reading

Malta and Stromboli

A Maltese version of a blogger, presumably blowing hot air.

Bearing souvenirs and a virus, I’ve recently returned from my overseas travels and have this to say: passenger jet travel, bad; luxury cruise ship travel, good. I won’t bore you with the trippy details, but some of the souvenirs (or as the French like to say: souvenirs) are in the form of photos – no selfies because I dislike photos of myself and even snarl at helpful fellow travelers when he or she offers to take a snap of me and my travel buddy. Continue reading