Bulletin from Carp

Part Two of Book One of Heaven Bound in Anaheim has been published in this website. You can read it by clicking here.

In other news, there’s beaucoup smoke in the air and Carp is not on fire.

I don’t know how the word ‘beaucoup’ popped into my mind. I had a good friend who often used it (boo-coo). He was an ex-Marine who’d never left the states, so I’m guessing he picked it up from the Marines who had been to Vietnam where French was once commonly spoken. But that was years ago. The French-speaking, I mean.

Taking Liberties with the Dead

Dead authors, to be precise. I’m not the first to commit this offense. It’s probably not a crime. If I hadn’t more important things to do, I’d look into all the times modern authors put words into the mouths of dead authors. There must be a slew of that sort of literary offense, or a beaucoup amount of offenses.

Anyway, if you’ve read Part One of Tragic Kingdom of Authorial Ghosts you’ll find I’ve already committed this offense against J. M. Barrie and Jules Verne. In Part Two of Book One, I’ve risked offending the memories of Lewis Carroll and Kenneth Grahame. Hopefully, you will enjoy the story enough not to find fault with me, the author.


Mr. Holmes, is a good movie and it’s a one hundred percent certainty that the scriptwriter invented dialogue for the Arthur Conan Doyle character to speak. And we can add to that movie, every bio-pic ever filmed with writers as their subject or incidentally included.

You might have noticed that “Taking Liberties with the Dead” is in bold print – but more than just bold. It’s Heading 1 which has some SEO significance I haven’t mastered. You see, when I look at the readership stats on my dashboard, the report for “Searches” is always zero. I was hoping that maybe some pervert out there would have googled “liberties with the dead” and wound up on my website. Though, I’m not sure if I want readers who have discovered my website by way of necrophilia.

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