Disney, Religion, and my Stories – part 3

Some people describe the message in Disney films as secular humanism. Maybe it is. It’s debatable and so is the value of secular humanism relative to morality derived from God’s love. Whether the films philosophize secular humanism or not, all the classic Disney films are based on stories that didn’t have religious overtones to begin with: Snow White (though in one scene she prays to God); Dumbo; Pinocchio; 101 Dalmatians; Bambi; The Lady and the Tramp; or any of the classic animated films made while Walt was alive. Continue reading

Disney, Religion, and my Stories – part 2

Other writers have already expressed good insights into Walt Disney’s religiosity. Mark I. Pinsky’s The Gospel According to Disney does a thorough job of examining the subject.  After having read the book and some other sources I can say: Walt definitely believed in God, believed in Christianity, and believed in an American mainstream moral system. He just didn’t believe it necessary for him to go to church on Sundays. He especially didn’t want religion or any theology in his art or entertainment. And even though his Main Street lacked the realistic touch of a Christian church, his Disneyland, his cartoons, and his movies promoted good morals and values. Continue reading