What’s New a/o April 6, 2020


JM has a new blog posting. See it below.

Tonton Jim has finally received credit for all of his children’s stories. He is the author of the Marley in Storybook Land series, and has one more story to tell if he can ever decided on what the final story in the series should concern itself with. For a short spell, he was thinking of Toad running off to be the train driver of the Disneyland train that circumnavigates the park – lots of possibilities with the Grand Canyon Diorama, especially with the dinosaurs. He’s not sure, but he is working hard on thinking about it. At least, we think he is. It’s hard to tell when a thinker is thinking or not thinking about the task at hand. He might be in a state of suspended animation for all we know.

JM is thinking hard about the third volume in the Tobias series. He knows it will involve the third generation, teenagers in the first decade of the 20th century. Danny’s children will be based on Tonton’s siblings, none of whom will be able to recognize themselves being so cleverly disguised, renamed, and imagined in a completely different era. In particular, JM wants to write Tonton’s older brother, Marvin, to a center stage position. There’s a photo of him on Tonton’s page.

The pages of Lailah and the Zepeda Boys now contain the completed novel in its latest version. The pages are password protected. To obtain the password just send JM an email, or call him, or even come knocking on his door.

Amazon’s thumbnail ad for the above book reads:

This novel moves the Bible’s Book of Tobit to 1871 California. A priest, a young man and his childhood girlfriend rescue a child from sex slavery.

JM regrets the sex slavery mention and wants prospective readers to know that the girl was rescued, virginity intact, from the threat of a lifetime of prostitution.