What’s New a/o May 16, 2020

There is a snippy-snipers war going on between Tonton and JM. Neither are satisfied with current book sales (essentially zero), and ordinarily this failure to sell the books of either persona wouldn’t bother either of the two, but because JM hasn’t been writing lately, Tonton accused him of stifling his creativity.

Tonton started the internal fight by saying, “If JM isn’t going to work on Tob 3, then he ought to let me get back to work on the Marley in Storybook Land series.”

JM justified himself by retorting, “I’m working on a serious subject. I need time to mull things over. Anyway, I will not be criticized by someone so lacking in substance.”

Whereby Tonton re-retorted by pointing out, “Substance? Of course, I have substance. I made it myself. I am auto-ousia. Besides which, you are taking yourself way too seriously. We want to be in the entertainment business – popular entertainment.”

JM scratched his head, went off topic, and mused, “Auto-ousia? Did you just make up that word?”

“It’s Greek,” said Tonton in a petulant tone.

“You know about as much Greek as a tranche of pita bread.”

With that riposte delivered JM departed the arguing. He abandoned it; abandoned Tonton and himself – which, in the opinion of most students of the mind, is definitionally impossible. For his part Tonton sulked for a brief instance and then was tempted away by a wandering thought, a memory. He fondly recalled how much he and JM loved their wife, Cassandra. A serious subject, indeed. But then he exposed his basic nature (silliness, if it must be stated) by pondering upon this question: If a man suffering the personality disorder of having two personas sets up housekeeping with a woman – is that woman involved in a ménage-a-trois?

The pages of Lailah and the Zepeda Boys still contain the completed novel in its latest version. The pages are password protected. To obtain the password just send JM an email, or call him, or even come knocking on his door.

Amazon’s thumbnail ad for the above book reads:

This novel moves the Bible’s Book of Tobit to 1871 California. A priest, a young man and his childhood girlfriend rescue a child from sex slavery.

JM regrets the sex slavery mention and wants prospective readers to know that the girl was rescued, virginity intact, from the threat of a lifetime of prostitution.

2 thoughts on “What’s New a/o May 16, 2020

  1. I brlieve you would have a hard time seeing wharf or town from the sb lighthouse. also don’t know about poragee guitars but flameco usually played on classical guitars as standard or western guitars have steel strings, which can be hard on fingers. other then that enjoyed what i’ve read so far. keep up the good work .

  2. hey jim read recent post and would remind you good works take thoughtful planning so don’t begruge yourself time in creation. coud possibly save much revision later. read your 21 stars falling story thought it quite charming.

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