What’s New a/o March 16, 2020

The majority of the previous post (What’s New as of February 16th has been remanded to the custody of its proper place, namely the sub-page, Lailah and the Zepeda Boys, near to where can also be found the sub-sub-page: Synopsis of Lailah and the Zepeda Boys. JM admits that that sub-sub-page (a better name would be: son of a sub-page) was only published because he hadn’t gotten around to writing a query-letter-worthy synopsis which according to some experts should be no more than 500 words. He created this initial and lengthy synopsis only as a way of keeping track of characters and events while he wrote the story. There now exists a 500 word synopsis – he hates it. The advice given by an unnamed advisor, was to leave out all subplots and mention no more than a thumbless handful of characters.

The 500 word skinny isn’t JM’s first attempt at amputation (in case you’re wondering, Tonton Jim never suffered such an assignment – a professional editor did the job for him). His previous attempts at blurbs and synopses (that’s Greek for more than one synopsis) not only adorn the book cover of Tobias and the Angels but also litter an Amazon website page. In fact, the Amazon ad for the aforementioned book (two five-star ratings by the way, check it out) had to be limited to even less than the proverbial forty-words-or-less. JM isn’t particularly fond of that ad’s blurb either.

But JM is practicing by writing succinct ads for classic novels. Moby Dick: Some men chase a whale. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Runaways rafting on a river. War and Peace: Russians beat back a French invasion. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: An oddly detailed daydream with puns.

So, what’s new? The pages of Lailah and the Zepeda Boys now contain the completed novel in its latest version. The pages are password protected. To obtain the password just send JM an email, or call him, or even come knocking on his door.

Amazon’s thumbnail ad for the above book reads:

This novel moves the Bible’s Book of Tobit to 1871 California. A priest, a young man and his childhood girlfriend rescue a child from sex slavery.

JM regrets the sex slavery mention and wants prospective readers to know that the girl was rescued, virginity intact, from the threat of a lifetime of prostitution.

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