About this website

About this websites’ name

Photo taken on the isle of Malta, by JM.

Many years ago JM moved to a studio apartment on Bush Street. A good friend thought it amusing to point out, “Miles was murdered on Bush Street”; this from the movie “The Maltese Falcon”. To add insult to his friend’s doomsaying injury, Humphrey Bogart tells Mary Astor, “Miles hadn’t many brains…” and then later on, “But he would have gone up there with you, Angel. He was just dumb enough for that… And then you could have stood as close to him as you liked in the dark and put a hole through him with the gun you had gotten from Thursby that evening.”

So in willful violation of good marketing practices we named our website MilesOfBushStreet.com and while its intended purpose is to promote our books, we mostly use it to post almost weekly blog entries for whatever inspires, amuses, or bothers us.

The Header Image

The present header image depicts a Mycenaean vessel head on to a Minoan vessel and is apropos to my Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs series.

Our Motto

“What, me quit? I’d rather fail.” is the website’s most recent motto and is intended to be a pithy way of saying, “One must try extremely hard before one may claim to be a failure, otherwise one runs the risk of being simply a quitter.” Read the full story of its origin in this posting.

Update, March 13th, 2018: Our pithy motto has been retired and replaced by a quote from a Kirkus Review of the first book in the Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs series. It wasn’t exactly a glowing review, but I managed to carve out a few good words (see above) for a full speed ahead marketing assault that will shout from the rooftops, “Yeah, we’re good! Sorta.”

The purpose and intended audience of this website

The books we write are for children but this website is intended for adults who read children’s literature, and happen to be interested in whatever subjects the authors’ books touch upon. If you, the reader, happen to be also interested in this narrow band of themes, please send me comments or even better, write me an article – we might even pay you a small honorarium.



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