Cherubs from the Shores of the Aegean Sea

During the overseas cruise, most of my photography was not of cats and volcanoes. It was statues and paintings of cherubs that attracted my camera the most. And except for Athens, the artists and craftsmen of the region depicted cherubs quite often. In some instances, I wasn’t sure what the baby-faced Continue reading

The Invisible Spot on the Arrow of Time

From chapter four of, Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs, The Epoch of Odd Mammals (The cherub characters are not angelic cherubs but are only cherubic in appearance; they are childlike versions of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hestia, Hades, and Demeter):

The Invisible Spot on the Arrow of Time

The next day the cherubs’ education continued. After breakfast, Father Time assembled the three little gods and three little goddesses, Hermes, and Iris in the schoolhouse temple. He stood at the head of the class, in front of a whiteboard. In one hand he held a marker pen, in the other hand a laser pointer. On the board he drew a long blue line, and on the right end of the line he drew an arrowhead, so the line pointed from left to right.

“This is the arrow of time,” he said. “In the future, mortal humans called scientists will discover that time always moves from the left to the right. Put down your hand, Hades.” Continue reading

Planless Incoherence, Cherubs, Marmitons, and Fairy Tale Logic

Planless Incoherence

There is an article to be found on the BBC Culture website, entitled in its IP address, “The LSD Cult that Terrified America” and in the article, “The LSD Cult that Transformed America”. As a Southern Californian teenager, way back in the sixties, I’d heard of the Brotherhood but thought at the time they were just another bunch of drug dealing beach hippies. Evidently, they have claim to a more important social influence than my youthful opinion allowed. Still, IMHO and in retrospect, the drug LSD caused immensely more harm than good – one must weigh numerous deaths and the many lives and minds destroyed against short lived spiritual or religious epiphanies. But I digress into a serious subject.

Let us get back on course. Continue reading

Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs:  Book III, The Hidden City of Atalantis

Today I finally uploaded the Kindle appropriate text and cover files, supplied the necessary information, and clicked on the publish button. So hopefully long before the 72 hours Kindle gives themselves to stock the e-book in the Amazon store the reader will be able to buy it for the ridiculously low price of 99¢. Maybe, in a future post I’ll describe my plans to promote the book into best-sellerdom. For now I’ll content myself with copying book III’s synopsis of the first two books and book III’s intro. Continue reading

Minoans and Excuses, but no Bull Headed Monsters

I haven’t managed to e-publish the third book, yet – Christmas, is my excuse. I also didn’t take any photos from my recent Disneyland outing – forgot my camera. In 2017 I’m thinking about taking a cruise from Venice to Crete to Athens. So that’s another confession: I’ve never been to Crete and yet I’m creating stories involving Europe’s first civilization. The modern people of Crete seem very proud of being first, if what I’ve found on the internet is any indication (visit YouTube; Love Crete ).

One of the great things about the Minoans – for a guy who likes to make up stories – is that we know so little about them. My fabrications start from Arthur Evan’s “Pax Minoica” and from that disputed claim imagine a civilization that is very civil. And because it’s a children’s story I left out the nasty Mycenaean myth about a bull headed man, love child of a match not made in heaven. That myth strikes me as the sort of racist joke spread by rubes and louts (the Mycenaeans) who needed an excuse to loot and kill some better heeled neighbors.

Frescos and vases are pretty much what we have to go on. It’s some lovely stuff. The Wikipedia author of the Minoan Civilization article used the phrase “bursting with vitality” in describing a vase’s decoration. The Minoans seemed to have kept up this love of life right up to the time a catastrophic event or events destroyed them. Many of us moderns, on the other hand, seem to delight in dystopian art (I don’t).  Of course, we are far more aware of potential earth shattering disasters: super volcanoes, errant asteroids, fits of collective stupidity caused by internet fake news, etc.

The photos are ones I took of some recreated Minoan jugs on display at the Monterrey Aquarium. The connection is the happy octopi.

Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs, Book III – Update

A Pleasant Government Agency

Last week I finished some last minute touches to the text and then had MG3 copyrighted. It’s a pleasant government website to deal with, compared to some other government internet sources of irritation. Or maybe it’s just average in its efficiency and ease of use and I’m just in a good mood when I finally arrive at the point where my story is worth the $35 fee.

img_0383Today I’m driving down to Anaheim for a two day stay at the Paradise Pier Hotel and a one day visit to Disneyland and California Adventure Park. It’s my second visit to a Disney resort this year. Last spring it was a visit to Florida’s version of Disneyland. A great time was had there, by all. It did rain on us once.

Next week, by the grace of God: MG3 will be published, KDP style. And maybe I’ll have photos of the latest Disney outing.


Evolution of the Characters of the Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs Series.

iceland-2-for-blog-112216Now that I’ve begun the fourth book in the MG,SaC series and I’m about ready to e-publish the third book, The Hidden City of Atalantis, the need has arisen to re-write certain parts of the previous two books. So far, only minor revisions will be undertaken such as in the first book when Gaia mentions to Chronos that it’s odd for Hera and Zeus to be fated as the future Queen and King of the pantheon when it’s Hera and Hades who are the smartest of the lot. The text will be altered to, “Demeter and Hades are the brightest of the six.” This will be done because Demeter, in the second book and especially the third book, has been elevated to Hades’ peer in science and engineering. Her character has distinctly evolved during the writing of the subsequent books, and so has that of Hades.

Continue reading

Mighty Gods the third book soon to be published

Linnea Dayton, Chris Miles, Ed Roxburgh, and Atalanta not Atlantis

mighty-gods-final2My favorite editor, Linnea Dayton, and I are almost finished with the text of the third book in the Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs series. She was even able to produce a cover for the third book: a need that came about because my cousin, Chris Miles, didn’t have time to do a unique one but kindly gave us permission to use his artwork for the new book. He is a fine artist and what I’ve come to learn is that fine artists seemingly avoid doing illustration and I am guessing that the reason is that illustration takes as much time as serious art, and maybe also because art critics judge artists who do illustration as less than real artists.

Ed Roxburgh is another fine artist I know. He is a close and longtime friend and it was because of him that Tonton Jim dared to write again and it was because of Linnea and him that Tonton Jim was ever published – the two books in the Hound’s Glenn series.

Any-o-hoo, my new book is sub-titled: The Hidden City of Atalantis, and that’s not a misspelling of the fictional island/nation of Atlantis. In my story the cherubs name their city after the original wild child of Greek myth, Atalanta. While writing the story my motivation wasn’t to retell the Atlantis myth, and while MG2 ended with a bang – the eruption that created the La Garita Caldera – and MG3 leads up to the destruction of the Minoan civilization by the eruption of the volcano on the island of Thera (now Santorini), MG4 – and to a lesser extent, MG3 – was written more to explore the admittedly useless line of inquiry of how this situation would play out: A city of mortals ruled by benevolent gods. Maybe if instead of well intentioned gods the mortals were ruled by benevolent A.I., then the author could possibly claim a usefulness beyond mere entertainment. But I’d happily settle for mere entertainment and I’d be content if my readers are and will be simply entertained.

Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs – Book Two, The Epoch of Odd Mammals

The second book in the Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs series

mighty gods book 2c print wwwis now available at – but click here to get to the right page. Buy it and be the first to review it! Or just sample a few chapters for free and then write me a comment telling me how much you loved it without bothering to inform me that you haven’t actually bought and read the whole book.

The book’s cover was done by Chris Miles. Visit his website and view his artwork by clicking here.

The text was edited by Linnea Dayton of Dayton Publishing whose website can be visited by clicking here.

Read Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs, Book One.

mighty gods cover for websiteMighty Gods, Small as Cherubs

Intro and table of contents

This e-book can be downloaded to your reading device or laptop (or desktop, for that matter) at for the ridiculously low price of 99¢! 

Non sequitur Alert: Tonton Jim loves the word ridiculous; especially the way Albert (the alligator in Walt Kelly’s Pogo) pronounces it, “Leave us not be ree-diculous.”