Zootopia II, Hound’s Glenn III, and the Nature of Sequels.

I read somewhere the Walt Disney Company is making a sequel to Zootopia. The writer mentioned something about the two main characters Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde becoming romantically entangled.

And that will lead to what? Marriage? A little cottage surrounded by a white picket fence so their offspring can play safely? Offspring is the key word here.

Suppose cartoon Judy and Nick did produce a cartoon litter. Where, in a zoo, would such creatures be found? Next to the jackalopes and the chimeras?

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Zootopia, Hound’s Glenn, and Human-like Animals Feasting on the Other.

Disney’s Zootopia is the subject of a lawsuit by an established writer. When the movie came out I, a wannabe writer, wondered about some similarities to my book and series, Hounds Glenn. From the little I’ve read in the news, Gary Goldman’s complaints are far more substantial than the few similarities that had spooked my creative soul. It’ll be interesting to hear the verdict or settlement.

Anyway, years before Goldman filed suit, I totally dismissed my dark imaginings of some Disney employee having attended our book launches in San Diego and then stealing essential scenes or characters from my creation of a Hound’s Glenn world. Continue reading

Mismatched Socks and Mr. Badger of The Wind in the Willows

The fashion fad is maybe better described as sock pairs in mixed patterns. My friends’ sixth grade grandson’s birthday approaches and so I asked what sort of present he would like and the answer is socks. Later today I’ll go off to the local surf shop to buy him a pair of the garish and mismatched socks that some skateboarders seemed to have turned into a must-have for the young ones. Even though the designs are, I suppose, unique, are the socks still sold in pairs? Maybe freed from the tyranny of matching pairs of socks, they are sold in odd combinations like 3-pacs, 5-pacs, and so on.

Anyway, it’s part of his childhood and I’ll honor the fads and fancies of his childhood while I treasure mine. I have a confession to make about my writing stories for children: my motivation isn’t so much a love for children, but it is more derived from a love of my own happy childhood. And it has just occurred to me to ask myself this question: Continue reading

Carl Barks, Scrooge McDuck, and the Ten Story Money Bin

By Tonton Jim

Carl Barks is one of my creative heroes. He is, after all, the creative cartoon artist/writer who imagined a millionaire Scottish duck swimming through a sea of silver coins.

Of course that’s what millionaires do with their money: They build a ten story hollow cube of a building and fill it with cold, hard cash – not much of the folding kind, mostly coins, a few million dollars’ worth. A delightfully silly way of keeping one’s hard earned savings, though totally understandable to a nine year old reader of Uncle Scrooge comic books.

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