Feb 21st Art talk in Lemon Grove, CA

LG Art TalkBalboa Park has always been a magical part of my life. Margaret Kyle-Roxburgh’s beautiful artworks of the Park on view in our home were some of my earliest memories. What were these colorful windows filled with Lilly ponds and castles! They weren’t photos, but visions. Someone’s hand and spirit created these. Somehow knowing my great granny made them encouraged me to do the same.

My grandma Eunice Lyon-Roxburgh would save nice white pieces of cardboard for me to draw on, and so at age nine my life as an artist began. Then we went on family outings to Balboa Park where I saw the Park’s beautiful landscape and fell in love, just as Margaret had before me. This exhibit honors those two strong and wonderful women.

A blend of influences and ancestry have created an integrated approach to my painting. In much the same way as a musician is able to perform in varied emotional styles (expressions), I feel that a painter can also embrace diversity. It’s the melody played or the story told that I listen or look for in art. The relationship to vision and craft, the process that reaches back to our childhood becomes the question and the answer: A sanctuary from the external and at times chaotic din of life, into the beautiful arms of one’s creative muse.

The concept of “The Park as Muse” is indeed a reality we here in San Diego are so fortunate to have. Our grand and resplendent Park is much more than its world famous reputation. To me its gracious design and place of cultural importance have come to represent what vision and community effort can achieve.

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