Linnea’s Page for Ed

Painting a Dr. Seuss mural at the Old Globe Theatre

Linnea Dayton:

Ed chose a career he could enjoy all his life. Besides his own landscape paintings, Ed painted scenery for plays, operas, TV series, movies — even haunted houses. He also painted murals in hotels, restaurants and private homes. And he illustrated children’s books.
It started early. Ed’s elementary and middle school classmates liked to watch him draw. They’d commission sketches of cars and animals for 25¢ each. When Ed got into some trouble in middle school and had to change schools, he left his “bad kid” identity behind, but took his art with him, and that helped him fit in at the new school.

A book illustration featured in Publisher’s Weekly in 1983

When his art teacher asked Ed if she could enter his work in a contest and he saw his winning art printed in a national magazine, “it was a really pleasant feeling,” Ed told me. “I started to understand that even if I was feeling frustrated or alienated, I’d be okay. I’d just paint — just make my own ‘happy.’ “

Painting scenery for La Boheme at the San Diego Opera

Detail from a mural at the Old Globe Theatre

Drawn with early Macintosh art tools

A plywood cut-out inspired by the Balboa Park carousel

Balboa Park Haunted Trail