Memories of Ed Roxburgh 1951 – 2017

Sunset Cliffs under Moonlight by Ed Roxburgh

Back in the late sixties, like most all of the other youth of Point Loma and Ocean Beach, Ed frequented the Sunset Cliffs. Later in life he returned there to paint its beauty.


Ed climbing down to the creek.

A group of those Point Lomans and Ocean Beachers reconnected at a reunion sometime in the 21st century and began getting together for hikes around San Diego County. Here’s a couple of photos of old timers on the trail in Rancho Penasquitos Canyon.

Ed explaining something to John and Wali.

Back in the sixties and seventies Ed’s cars were a source of humorous interest to us. When he wound up owning multiple cars (while living in an studio apartment) he was nick-named Two-car Eddie – or was it Three-car Eddie? Anyway, he had the habit of naming his cars, the one I remember being Honey Pie; as in the Beatles’ song. It was a cream or tan colored station wagon built in the late fifties or early sixties.

One of the first things I learned about Ed was that he liked to keep his windshield clean. I think he liked to have the clearest possible view of the world.


Though much of his work can be seen at his artist’s website, some of his early work was bought by his friends. Here’s something that his good friend Wali Lewis owns.





Sandro Botticelli was a favorite artist of Ed Roxburgh. Our friend, Bob Theodore, made a terrible pun on the name, “I bought a celli, but it didn’t work so I took it back.” But that was back in the sixties and laughs came easier to us, so forgive us all.