Eddie and the Milk Break

I met Eddie Roxburgh in Mrs Naumann’s kindergarten class.  I’m not sure if kids meet in kindergarten.  They just get use to each other overtime.  Eddie was the biggest kid in our class. Actually Mike Potts was bigger but he was so quiet you didn’t notice him so much.  Eddie on the other hand had a personality to match his physical size.  He had flaming orange hair that matched the spirit within him.  He was good natured and fun loving.  My first memory of him was an episode during milk time.  Every day the class would sit at tables and drink our small cartons of milk through our straws.  Eddie was sitting across from me, Mrs Naumann had put a record on the player.  Something with music and animals. I began to act out what was on the record, stomping and moving around which made Eddie laugh which made the milk he was drinking come out his nose. I was pretty surprised.  I think that was the first time that I can remember making someone laugh.  It’s definitely the first time I saw milk come out of someone’s nose.

Submitted by Wali Lewis

Painting by Wali Lewis.