Harold and the Hot Rod

Written by Tonton Jim

Illustrated by E. Felix Lyon

Published by Dayton Publishing

Max’s friend’s big brother, Harold, builds a new kind of car for racing and wants to take it to All Critters City to race. Unfortunately, the main highway’s bridge over the Iffy River has been destroyed thanks to the annual Piglet festival (pigs shouldn’t do the sway e-1-1b HG2on a suspension bridge). Driving the long way to AC City will take too long, so it looks like Harold’s dream is finished.

No worries. Our canine heroes, Max, Theena, Edgar, and NicNac, are as inventive as ever, and they’ll find a way. But first there’s a school outing to the water slides at River Otter City (where you’ll have a ROC’ing good time). That’s where they discover an old steam powered riverboat, and where they learn of the worst river pirate ever – Casanova Cugat. Impossible as it may seem, the riverboat saves the day for Harold’s hot rod. And along the way, Theena makes a new friend, a beautiful puma singer, the eight hundred pun gorilla finds a new job, and all four of our furry friends invent a way to save the riverboat and the day.

This book can be bought in hardcopy at Amazon.com

Harold front cover for website

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