Max and the Lowrider Car

Written by Tonton Jim

Illustrated by E. Felix Lyon

Published by Dayton Publishing

original art by Ed RoxburghMax has an especially creative mind for a wolf cub in the fifth grade. Even so, when his teacher tells him find something amazing to write about in their small town of Hound’s Glenn, Max is pretty sure that’s impossible. Then he discovers Mr. L. Lobo’s auto body shop and his amazing customized car, Numero Uno, and life changes for Max, his friends, his big brother, and nearly everyone else in the town.

The quest for more cars to customize leads a small mixed band of adventurers (wolves and hounds, pups and grownups) on a road trip complete with campfire monster stories, motorcycle-riding wild boars, and an invasion by a townful of very perturbed birds. But don’t worry – in the end Max dreams up a way to fix everything.

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