Intro and table of contents

Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs

Book I

by J.M. Miles


Chris Miles illustrated the front cover of this book. To see more of his artwork, visit

Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs  Copyright © 2014 by J. M. Miles  All rights reserved


I dedicate this book to Cassandra Coates, to my friends and family, and especially to Tina, who likes this story as much as I do.

Table of Contents

1. Mother Earth and Father Time Create Six Baby Gods

2. The Little Gods Receive Their Powers

3. The Girls Learn Something Practical, and the Boys Have Adventures with Dionsaurs

4. More Trouble with Dinosaurs, and Hades Finds His Kingdom

5. A Fine Day Surfing at the Beach, but Poseidon Creates a Wave

6. A Quiet Dinner, a Talk of Nothingness, and a Change of Color

7. The Boys Fly to the Moon with Helios and Learn about Second Earth

8. Each of the Girls Gets a Temple and Some Unexpected Visitors

9. The Boys Pay a Visit to the Little Silver People, but the Girls are Not Amused

10. The Boys Run Away to Second Earth and Look for Chaos as a Side Trip

11. Jupiter Is a Fine Planet to View from Afar, but Never Make Chaos Angry

12. The End of the Dinosaurs and the Beginning of a New Earth

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