3 Paths With Vaguely Related Thoughts

JM is lending this painting to Ed’s memorial art exhibition. It’s a landscape which he bought a few years back, shortly after reconnecting to Ed and their friend Wali. JM thinks he bought the painting because it reminded him of a photo of his wife, Cassandra, on a path curving to the right and disappearing. She is walking on the path and looking back to smile at the camera and maybe the cameraman.

One of Vincent van Gogh’s last paintings – maybe his very last – entitled, Wheatfield with Crows (1890), depicts a path disappearing into a field of wheat and then a flock of crows rising from the field. On first glance the painting appears simple enough with its elements countable on one hand: wheat field, sky, path, ascending crows. However, Van Gogh attempted to kill himself in a wheat field shortly after creating the painting, so there have been many words written on the painting’s symbolism. For a good article on various interpretations of perceived symbolism, read this: Vincent van Gogh, Wheat field with Crows. Continue reading

Mighty Gods the third book soon to be published

Linnea Dayton, Chris Miles, Ed Roxburgh, and Atalanta not Atlantis

mighty-gods-final2My favorite editor, Linnea Dayton, and I are almost finished with the text of the third book in the Mighty Gods, Small as Cherubs series. She was even able to produce a cover for the third book: a need that came about because my cousin, Chris Miles, didn’t have time to do a unique one but kindly gave us permission to use his artwork for the new book. He is a fine artist and what I’ve come to learn is that fine artists seemingly avoid doing illustration and I am guessing that the reason is that illustration takes as much time as serious art, and maybe also because art critics judge artists who do illustration as less than real artists.

Ed Roxburgh is another fine artist I know. He is a close and longtime friend and it was because of him that Tonton Jim dared to write again and it was because of Linnea and him that Tonton Jim was ever published – the two books in the Hound’s Glenn series.

Any-o-hoo, my new book is sub-titled: The Hidden City of Atalantis, and that’s not a misspelling of the fictional island/nation of Atlantis. In my story the cherubs name their city after the original wild child of Greek myth, Atalanta. While writing the story my motivation wasn’t to retell the Atlantis myth, and while MG2 ended with a bang – the eruption that created the La Garita Caldera – and MG3 leads up to the destruction of the Minoan civilization by the eruption of the volcano on the island of Thera (now Santorini), MG4 – and to a lesser extent, MG3 – was written more to explore the admittedly useless line of inquiry of how this situation would play out: A city of mortals ruled by benevolent gods. Maybe if instead of well intentioned gods the mortals were ruled by benevolent A.I., then the author could possibly claim a usefulness beyond mere entertainment. But I’d happily settle for mere entertainment and I’d be content if my readers are and will be simply entertained.