Parts One and Two of the LZB Synopsis

Part One, Scene One, California Admissions Day, September 9th, 1888

It’s early morning and Sarah is directing the preparations for her Admissions Day beach party and picnic. Tobias and his three sons sneak away to exercise the horses on the beach. Sarah brings the party prep work to them.


Part One, Scene Two, California Admissions Day, September 9th, 1888

Work continues and we discover more of each boy’s individual personalities.


Part One, Scene Three, California Admissions Day, September 9th, 1888

The picnic and the party begin when Rebecca Ruban, world famous opera star, arrives with her shy but beautiful daughter, Clara, who is later shown to have an excitable nature. The Colonel and Tobias talk horses and set a date for a match race. Danny is able to befriend Clara. Rebecca exhibits frightening anger at something trivial Clara has done.


Part One, Scene Four, September 10th, 1888

In the morning, Tobias and Danny ride to the Colonel’s estate. Danny, riding Aztec Night, loses the race.


Part One, Scene Five, September 10th, 1888

In the evening, John is upset that Miss Louie has not been invited to Rebecca Ruban’s recital at the Lobero theater. The Zepeda family meet William Mason for the first time. The boys witness Mason’s creepy attachment to Clara.

Part Two, Scene One, Page 15, September 11th, 1888

It’s Sunday, and everyone is on their way to church. Tobias and Sarah ride in the buggy to the morning mass held at the old mission chapel. John, Miss Louie, Charles, and Danny ride in the buckboard. They boys discuss last night’s performance. Offhand mention of Charles becoming a doctor is made. Offhand mention of Clara needing protection and she seems to favor Danny.


Part Two, Scene Two, Page 16, September, 1888

John’s and Miss Louie’s scholarly relationship is shown: he is finished with high school and now studies with Miss Louie. Danny and Charles on the way back from school inform John of a medicine show set up just down the road.

That night they boys sneak off to investigate the medicine show. Deputy Silkiset is introduced to the reader. The boys meet Lailah, the daughter of the medicine show performer/owner. Danny describes their life in SB to her and invites her to visit the rancho and the beach.


Part Two, Scene Three, Page 19, September, 1888

The following morning, Charles and Danny ride to the farm where the medicine show took place. They meet Lailah’s father, David Mendes, who tells his daughter to stop using Yiddish because they are not Ashkenazi but Sephardic Jews. Lailah falls in love with the Zepeda beach and farm, and maybe with Danny.

At lunch Sarah learns of Lailah’s background and begins to feel protective toward her.

After returning Lailah to her father, it is learned that his medicine show has been told to move on and David’s assistant stole their savings. The boys invite David and Lailah to camp on the Zepeda Beach.


Part Two, Scene Four, Page 29, September, 1888

On Sunday morning while David is in town talking to the sheriff and the Zepeda family is at church, Lailah walks on the beach and resolves to live in SB starting now or someday in the future.

After church, Tobias tries Lailah as a jockey on Aztec Night. She proves to be a faster rider than Danny. Charles is shown to be romantically interested in Lailah. Danny, Lailah, and Charles take the horses to the beach for a cool down. Lailah sprains her ankle. Sarah insists the girl stay with the family until her foot heals.

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