Parts Eight and Nine of LZB Synopsis

Part Eight, Scene One, Page 128, First week of August, 1889

 John arrives home a day early. He and Wen Shichu discover they have a mutual interest in physics. John announces to the family he wants to study in Europe.


Part Eight, Scene Two, Page 131, next day, First week of August, 1889

Welcome home party for John. MacGregor is delighted to meet a Chumash, Deputy Silkiset, and sings Loch Lomond for everyone. MM invites John to stay with him in NYC on his way to Europe.


Part Eight, Scene Three, the morning after, First week of August, 1889

 Family portraits are photographed; MM arranges for Lailah to have a Jewish tutor; MacGregor demonstrates his boxing skill by helping out Deputy Silkiset.


Part Eight, Scene Four, Autumn, 1889

Mr. Mendes departs; Lailah and Danny oversee the building of MM’s SB winter home; Cholera hits SB

This scene shows ML saving Shichu’s mother and thereby growing closer to Wen.


Part Eight, Scene Five, late September, 1889

The evening following the previous scene: Miss Louie becomes ill.

John’s continued devotion to ML as he nurses her back to health; and he reveals his intention on becoming a priest.

Danny, Charles, and Lailah care for the little children, during which Charles jokingly alludes to marrying Lailah.


Part Eight, Scene Six, October and November, 1889

John leaves for New York and Europe; Lailah pays a visit to the Senora Magdalena Estudillo; MM announces in a letter he is giving the Montecito land to Lailah so she can build a horse farm.

In this scene John writes that NY has the better medical school for Charles; Lailah learns from the widow that Danny’s brotherly affection is not likely to satisfy her.


Part Eight, Scene Seven, Pg. 147, November, 1889

David and Jane announce their engagement.

 Here Lailah is assured of her future in Santa Barbara, but maybe not with Sarah and the family. She feels happy for her father but a little unsure about big changes in her life, unless, of course, it involves marrying Danny.


Part Eight, Scene Eight, November, 1889

The evening after the afternoon in the previous scene: At the dinner table, David announce his engagement to Jane. Sarah remembers some gossip she’d just heard: Rebecca Ruban is dead, a suicide; and that Clara and Mason are coming to town. Charles informs Lailah of Clara’s fondness for Danny.


Part Nine, Scene One, Pg. 149, Late December, 1889

Mr. Mendes returns to Santa Barbara and moves into his new home during the building of which Lailah begins to learn what it means to be the granddaughter of a very wealthy man: Young men are now solicitous of her.


Part Nine, Scene Two, Pg. 151, same day as above, Late December, 1889

Mr. Mendes reveals to Miss Louie his back-east doctor’s diagnosis of angina pectoris. She tells him she knows of no cure of the underlying condition, heart disease, and insists he tell Lailah and David. She agrees to nurse him as best as she can.


Part Nine, Scene Three, Pg. 153, January, 1890

Miss Louie arranges Mr. Mendes’ daily life in way appropriate for a man with a weak heart. During a seaside walk, they discuss Lailah’s future, her prospects for marriage, and who Mr. Mendes prefers she marry: a Jewish lad so that his great-grandchildren will be raised Jewish. Charles is mentioned as a potential suitor who would not demand she convert to Catholicism.


Part Nine, Scene Four, Pg. 154, Late January, 1890

A Jewish family from Los Angeles visits to attend Mr. Mendes housewarming party. Their son, Albert Schatz, is revealed not to be of Mr. Mendes’ liking (the boy wants to be a vaudevillian) and so is befriended by Lailah and the boys. They take Albert on a visit to the widow Estudillo’s home where she is hosting a recital for local amateur musicians.   


Part Nine, Scene Five, Pg. 156, Early February, 1890

At his party, Mr. Mendes announces a medical school scholarship for Charles who accepts even though it means living in NYC. Charles expresses his gratitude and that he is in debt to Mr. Mendes implying that Mr. Mendes was correct in assessing Charles as an amenable husband for Lailah.

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