Parts Six and Seven of LZB Synopsis

Part Six, Scene One, Page 92, June, 1889

The riding club has its first outing. Here Lailah’s fears are put aside while paradise continues.

 ML gets a new Mastiff pup. Wen Shichu brings Teddy, 6, and Lilly, 5, to the rancho.

In this scene with ML, Danny, and Wen Shichu, the children are introduced, and the relationship between ML and WS grows. For ML it’s purely a friendship, but Wen Shichu has hopes for romance.


Part Six, Scene Two, June, 1889

Danny befriends the Wen Children. This scene illustrates Danny’s affinity for children; and it sets-up Danny’s surprise re-appearance in the book’s ending scene.


Part Six, Scene Three, Page 98, End of June, 1889

Captain Argent and the young ones sail to SC Island.

This scene illustrates Danny’s seamanship and love of the sea, and continues illustrating Lailah’s life in paradise. Capt. Argent and Lailah discover a New Orleans connection. Lailah asks Danny and Charles for verbal swimming instructions which sets-up the incident in the next scene.


Part Six, Scene Four, Page 103, End of June, 1889

Second day on SC Island: Danny and Charles go hiking; Lailah and Sandy practice swimming and are accidently seen partially nude by Danny who then suffers a crisis of uncertain feeling regarding sexual desire and shame.

Lailah in telling the others her life story, becomes sad, and further realizes how much she missed out on by not growing up with her mother or David’s family.


Part Seven, Scene one, Page 107, Last days of June, 1889

Home again, Tobias has a father-to-son talk with Danny about seeing the girls undressed.

This short scene completes Danny’s crisis of conscience. He is assured by Tobias that his feelings are normal for a boy and Danny says, “Yes, sir. I never want you or Mother ever ashamed of something I’d done.” And this sets up Danny’s center stage problem with Clara later on in the book. This scene also serves as a contrast to P7S5 in which David and his father have their first conversation in years.


Part Seven, Scene two, First days of July, 1889

Mr. Mendes announces his pending trip to SB; Charles discusses with ML his desire of marrying Lailah, and his hesitation in going away to med school and leaving behind Lailah. He also worries about Mr. Mendes taking Lailah away or insisting there be no Jewish-Catholic marriage.


Part Seven, Scene Three, Third week of July, 1889

Mr. Mendes (MM) arrives in SB accompanied by his bodyguard, MacGregor. At first sight, MM falls in love with Lailah who resembles his departed wife; David and his father (MM) declare a truce; Lailah reveals her talents as an entertainer but tells MM she isn’t interested in becoming a professional singer; and within David’s hearing, MM declares that vaudeville isn’t a decent profession for ladies.

What’s left unsaid is what Lailah dreams of doing: marrying Danny and staying in SB for the rest of her life.


 Part Seven, Scene Four, Third week of July, 1889

The morning of the beach picnic for MM, David reveals to Lailah the family history regarding MM and Lilith. He reveals that Lailah’s mother suffered a severe emotion sickness (now known as Bipolar Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder) but leaves out one important fact about her death.

Scenes 4 and 5 consist of essential conversations:

Lailah learns nearly everything about the MM, David, and Lilith three-way feud. Lailah still doesn’t know the fate of her mother.

Lailah tells Danny, Charles, and Sandy about the widow’s gun, and then resolves to tell her father.

In Lailah’s conversation with D, C, and S, Lailah realizes that if something were to happen to David, she’d have to go live with MM, but if she were to marry Danny, then she could stay. But Charles has his hopes up.


Part Seven, Scene Five, Same day, July, 1889

Picnic at the beach; over lunch MM asks what’s it like to live in SB; David and MM have their first reconciliation talk; MM and Charles talk; MM and ML talk; and MM and Lailah talk.

In asking about life in SB, MM reveals an interest in living there. What is left unsaid is his growing realization that Lailah would be very unhappy about leaving Sarah and the family.

This is the second time Charles has expressed his desire to marry Lailah; this time to MM.

Wen Shichu expresses a romantic interest in ML. She is aware of his interest but does not encourage it. Still, their friendship grows. His skill as a photographer is revealed in this scene, and his interest in helping the women in his community. People assume that ML favors Wen and see their friendship as successful courting.

MM offers to take Lailah back to NY. She tearfully declines and David won’t make her go, so the grandfather, says, “You leave me no choice. I’ll have to move to Santa Barbara.”


Part Seven, Scene Six, the day after the picnic, July, 1889

MM begins house and land hunting; Sarah and David have a talk; A letter arrives from Berkeley: John announces he will be returning to SB and has an important announcement that he must relate in person.

This last scene sets up the various future scenes.

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