Tobias 3, Working Title

So far the author feels that this third novel in the trilogy will should have something to do with the grandsons of Tobias and Sarah, and it should – as dictated by chronological logic – begin sometime after the second novel ends which would put it within a decade’s spitting distance of 1900. Probably after; possibly the aughts; maybe the teens.

The Journal of Creation (sounds a little grandiose, I know, but the more accurate sub-title would be: Now Starts a Journal of All That I Was Thinking While Trying to Write This Novel; and that is a bit too long.

From April’s What’s New:

JM is thinking hard about the third volume in the Tobias series. He knows it will involve the third generation, teenagers in the first decade of the 20th century. Danny’s children will be based on Tonton’s siblings, none of whom will be able to recognize themselves being so cleverly disguised, renamed, and imagined in a completely different era. In particular, JM wants to write Tonton’s older brother, Marvin, to a center stage position. There’s a photo of him on Tonton’s page.