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Tobias and the Angels

The e-book and the paperback are now on sale at Amazon. Click here to view the e-book landing page at Amazon. And click here to go to the paperback landing page. These are different pages instead of the usual Amazon practice of putting the two mediums of the same book on the same landing page.  Amazon advises waiting a week before complaining.


The ad campaign for the e-book started last week and the ad campaign for the paperback was submitted for Amazon approval. They might be targeting different markets (readers?) because for the e-book the author and sales manager chose the various market (reader?) groups such as: western, romance, young adult, etc. While for the paperback an “automatic” feature will search my landing page description for keywords to determine where to place the ads.

For the paperback ads JM’s sales manager was limited to 150 characters with which to describe the novel.

The submitted paperback blurb reads: This novel moves the Bible’s Book of Tobit to 1871 California. A priest, a young man and his childhood girlfriend rescue a girl from sex slavery.

Hopefully, there won’t be a flood of disappointed porn addicts demanding their money back when they discover the ad should’ve have been a bit more precise by including the words, “…rescue a girl from a destiny of sex slavery.”

But it’s nigh impossible to shoehorn an author’s creation into a mere 150 characters. Amazon had other restrictions. The following was rejected because of, “too many capitals”:This novel moves the Bible’s Book of Tobit to 1871 California. Tobias, Cherub, Fr. Raphael, and Sarah rescue a girl from prostitution.

Maybe some readers of this blog will feel that the author used sex – or the word denoting the act – to sell books. Perhaps, but in his defense it should be pointed out that the novel’s Chun Loie already lived as household slave and was about to be sold for sex; in effect she was to be a sex slave and not a prostitute.

Anyway, the author’s sales manager might have to do some ad editing before Amazon accepts the ad.

When all is said and done, then, except for redundancy, all is said and done.

Charles Zepeda