Linnea Dayton

Linnea Dayton has a long-standing interest in child development and in books. When her five-year-old son was a whiz at numbers but seemed to be months or even years away from being ready to read, she worked with two other parents on a successful proposal to add an alternative class to her local public elementary school. A multigrade environment with a curriculum that could be customized for children’s interests and abilities in different subjects, the program has grown and still flourishes today.

Dayton spent 30 years in the publishing industry in various editing roles, as an author, and as a book packager. Mainly she worked on magazines, newsletters, and books for graphic designers, artists, photographers, and illustrators who use the computer in their work. After retiring from that, in 2013 she founded Dayton Publishing, which has so far published four children’s books, with others in the pipeline and with plans for broader offerings in the future.

Learn more about Dayton Publishing at her website.

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